BHT Students Rally to Support Community with Blessing Box Initiative

What began as a simple idea from pre-kindergarten teacher Caitlin Edwards has blossomed into a heartwarming initiative, demonstrating the power of community involvement and the importance of giving back.

Edwards initially reached out to the BHT Parent Lighthouse Team with a vision to involve students in stocking community blessing boxes, aiming to instill in them the values of community participation and giving back. 

Every week, starting January 27, 2024, students from three classes from the school were provided with a map to local blessing boxes and challenged with contributing their favorite foods. With different classes being selected each week, the entire school had the opportunity to serve their community. Students eagerly rose to the challenge, and parents have joyfully documented their children's involvement, submitting photos of students filling the blessing boxes with grocery bags of food.

Jordan Brannock, mother of a second-grader and kindergartener, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "Such an excellent way for our children to help the community in a tangible, meaningful way."

Jillian Roach, a member of the BHT Parent Lighthouse Team, reflected on the initiative, saying, "Seeing the photos of all of the proud smiling faces of students helping others was so powerful."

The BHT Parent Lighthouse Team, representatives of the school's parent community, have shared their ultimate goal: to establish a Blessing Box directly at B H Tharrington Primary School, accessible to any families or neighbors in need. Christina Plitt, a member of the team, commented, "Our favorite projects are those that facilitate our students being able to give back to others."

Looking ahead, the team aims to further engage students in maintaining the blessing box on-site, ensuring it remains consistently stocked to serve the community's needs. In addition to the Blessing Box initiative, the BHT Parent Lighthouse Team has spearheaded various projects this year, including a winter coat exchange, a school grounds clean-up, and the regular stocking of the "Bear Den," a clothes closet located within the school.

The dedication and compassion exhibited by the students of B H Tharrington Primary School exemplify the spirit of community and solidarity, fostering a culture of generosity and support for those in need.